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JAG Hydraulic Coil Spring Trimmer Packages
are specifically designed to satisfy the production requirements of the Spring Manufacturer and have a proven track record within this manufacturing industry.
  • Heavy Duty Tool
  • Square Cut Finish
  • Increased Safety
  • No Emissions
  • Easily Replaceable Blades

JAG Hydraulic Coil Spring Trimmer packages are supplied complete with a heavy duty mobile work station with high density locking rubber wheels, a 60 degree mounted hydraulic trimming head with integral operator guarding. This is positioned at bench level height for easy working access and is operated by an integrally mounted foot switch for simple and safe operation. The low maintence hydraulic pump unit is positioned on the secondary level of the work staion for added protection, a heavy duty thermoplastic hose assembly is connected from this integrally to the trimming head.

  • Easy To Operate
  • Robust
  • Smooth Guillontine non jamming action
  • Ideal for Intense Cutting Operations
  • 115v, 240v, 400v or 440v

JAG Hydraulic Coil Spring Trimmer Packages are designed with a built in 4:1 safety factor and are manufactured to a rigorous quality procedure, proof tested and certified to meet with current CE specifications. All the cutting equipment is designed to operate up to a maximum working pressure of 10,000 PSI using high outpput flow rates to give an optimum cutting performance. 

  • Protective Operator Guarding
  • Trims Left and Right Hand springs
  • Increased productivity
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Manufactured in UK

JAG Hydraulic Coil Spring Trimmer Packages are a high performance, reliable, robust, no nonsense ready to operate production machine which are capable of accurately trimming the ends of coil springs to give the ultimate finished product.

Model No.Output (Tons) Weight (Kgs)Length (mm) Width (mm)Height (mm)
HST25 251658005001277

Material Specification BS Specification DIN Specification 


HST36 (mm) HST75 (mm) 
Annealed Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel 1429:735A50 17225 18 25 30 
Cold Drawn Carbon Steel 10270-1-SH 17225 Pt.1 14 20 25 
Cold Drawn Stainless Steel 10270-3-1.4310  17224 14 20 25 
Hardened and Tempered Carbon Steel 10270-2-VDC  17225 Pt.2 14 20 25 
Harden and Tempered Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel  10270-2-VDCRV  17225  11 16 20 
Harden and Tempered Silicon Chrome Alloy Steel   10270-2-VDSICR 17225  12 16