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Stationary Industrial Cutters

The Holmatro industrial cutter range is specially developed for testing industrial applications and consists of different models with different blades and (cutting) features, for a wide range of industrial cutting applications. The stationary models have a maxiumum working pressure of 500 bar and are specially developed for continuous use, processes whereby repeated tasks are carried out at a fixed point on the production line. The accent has been placed on durability (higher load frequency) and ergonomics (prolonged physical demands).
  • User-friendly and ergonomic
    Fitted with a unique rotation mechanism the tool can be easily turned to any position and under any angle. Operated by a simple electric push button. The physical demands are greatly reduced.
  • Quick to use
    For an efficient (production) process
  • For a wide range of applications
    Various blade types availiable with cutting capacities of up to 30 tons
  • Blades are quickly and simply exchanged
    All blade types are interchangeable thus enabling the cutters to be widely utillised
    Quick and simple to maintain
  • Safe
    Equipped with a dead man’s function
    Moving parts shielded
    Tools can only be operated by using both hands
  • Reliable and durable
    Specially developed for industrial purposes whereby equipment has to undergo protracted use under testing circumstances

Model Blade opening(mm)Cutting force(tons)Weight(kg)Length(mm)Width(mm)Height(mm)