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ImagePetrol Pumps

  • Patented Genesis Technology means coaxial piston design ensures high performance first-stage piston pump for improved efficiency
  • High by-pass pressures improve productivity
  • All Atlas pumps feature sturdy Roll Cages for use in tough environments
  • 4. 8. 20 and 40 litres reservoirs for use with a wide range of cylinders
  • 10.000 psi pressure rating
  • Available in three four-cycle motor sizes: and 4.0 kW

Used With CylinderUsable Oil Capacity Model NumberOutput Flow Ratel/minBY-Pas PressureValveTypeMotor SizeWeight
 litres 1st Stage2nd Stagebar kWKg
S/A3.8 PGM-2304R*3.20.661403-way, 3-position1.825
D/A3.8 PGM-2404R*3.20.661404-way, 3-position25
S/A7.6 PGM-2308R*3.20.661403-way, 3-position1.833
D/A7.6 PGM-2408R*3.20.661404-way, 3-position33
S/A9.5 PGM-3310R7.80.91403-way, 3-position3.755
18.9 PGM-3320R7.80.91403-way, 3-position68
D/A9.5 PGM-3410R7.80.91404-way, 3-position55
18.9 PGM-3420R7.80.91404-way, 3-position68
S/A9.5 PGM-5310R7.81.61403-way, 3-position459
18.9 PGM-5320R7.81.61403-way, 3-position75
D/A9.5 PGM-5410R7.81.61404-way, 3-position59
18.9 PGM-5420R7.81.61404-way, 3-position75
37.8 PGM-5440R7.81.61404-way, 3-position93
* Note: The PGM- 20 series are available with a carrying handle instead of a rollcage, for ordering omitt the 'R' from the model number