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  • 3/8" High Flow Couplers
  • Standard on most Enerpac cylinders
  • Recommended for use on all Enerpac pumps and cylinders

  • 3/8" High Pressure ‘Flush-face’ Couplers
  • ‘Push-to-connect’ operation, to guarantee good connection

  • 3/8" Regular Spee-D-Coupler®
  • For medium duty applications with hand pumps

  • 1/4" Regular Coupler
  • For use with small cylinders and hand pumps

Max. Flow CapacityCoupler TypeModel NumbersThread Size
l/min Complete SetFemale HalfMale Half 
35High FlowC-604CR-400CH-6043/8" NPT
40Flush-faceF-604FR-400FH-6043/8" NPT
7.6Regular Spec-OA-604AR-400AH-6043/8" NPT
7.6RegularA-630AR-630AH-6301/4" NPT


  • For demanding applications, featuring a 4:1 design factor
  • Maximum working pressure of 700 bar
  • Four layer design, including two high strength steel wire braids
  • Outside jacket is polyurethane to provide maxium abrasion resistance
  • Exhibits low volumetric expansion under pressure to enhance overall system efficiency
  • Crimped-on rubber strain relief for improved life and durability on all models

Internal DiameterHose End Assemblies & CouplersHose Length700-Series Thermo-Plastic
mmEnd oneEnd twomModel NumberWeight (kg)
3/8” NPT 3/8” NPT
0,6 H-72020,5
0,9 H-72030,7
1,8 H-72060,9
3 H-72101,4
6,1 H-72202,8
A-6041,8 HA-7206B1,1
CH-6040,9 HC-72030,8
1,8 HC-72061
3 HC-72101,5
9,73/8” NPT3/8” NPT3 H-73102,4