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JAG Hydraulic Guillotine Cutters
are designed for remote cutting operations with double acting cylinders and a straight edged double bladed cutting system to maximize the cutting force to cut:

  • Power Cable / Structural Section

The cutting equipment is designed with a built in 4:1 safety factor and is manufactured to a rigorous quality procedure, proof tested and certified to meet with current CE specifications. All the cutting equipment is designed to operate up to a maximum working pressure of 10,000 PSI. The cutting equipment has a proven track record within:

  • Construction and Demolition / Mining / Recycling
  • Offshore Subsea Engineering / Oil / Gas Production, Exploration and Decommissioning
  • Nuclear Power Generation and Decommissioning

JAG Hydraulic Guillotine Cutters are high performance, reliable and robust production equipment, and offer a no nonsense ready to operate production package when combined with the ENERPAC or HI-FORCE range of products, to give the ultimate cutting package.
  • Smooth guillotine action reduces risk of jamming
  • Minimum operator effort when using powered pump
  • Double acting operation
  • Safe and easy to operate
  • All models fitted with lifting eyes
  • No set up time required
  • All models fitted with high flow couplers
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Cutter suitable for remote operation
  • Manufactured in UK 

Model No.Output (Tons) Weight (Kgs)Length (mm) Width (mm)Height (mm)
HGC 1006050715150260
HGC 150120110864190335
HGC 2001802051020220420


Model No.Maximum Cutting Capacity (mm)
 Structural SectionPower Cable  
HGC 100100 X 50100  
HGC 150150 X 125150  
HGC 200200 X 150200  

PartPart No.
Hose AssemblyHC7210B / HC7220B
Pressure GaugeSSG2519-GA2
Control SwitchCHS04 / AW3
Hand PumpP842
Electric PumpZU4408LE / GPEM3420
Air PumpGPAM3410
Petrol PumpPGM3410R